Inside story

These are approximately 12-ounce bottles….

You know this: the Co-Cola you get in the US is sweetened with (the nasty) HFCS*. Indeed, I think the whole New Coke maneuver was about switching US consumers to a dark liquid called Coke, but no longer tasting “right”, because it was no longer sweetened with sugar (aka sucrose)—the kind from cane or beets. When the dust had settled, the US market had been switched to a new cheaper Coke—that is, made with cheaper ingredients—yet sold at the same old price!


However. Even here in ATL (home of Coke), if you know the drill, you can get Coke made with sugar. Here’s how: go to a Latin market, or even the Latin section of the international aisle of your neighborhood Kro-gah (shown above), and, voila!, there it is, in a real glass bottle, with a paint job in Spanish, and a US nutrition sticker.

And the real twist (other than what this shipping does to the carbon footprint)? The price. $1.79. Plus tax.

* HFCS = high fructose corn syrup

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