Malus aforethought


…the bees didn’t stay in one place long enough to have their picture taken….

Actually, this may be a pear and not an apple; still both are within Rosaceae…so, I guess I shoulda thought more ’afore I labeled this Malus….

Today’s vocabulary: bloom

Among its meanings, bloom as a noun has somewhat contradictory references both 1) to being in the state of flowering, and 2), to the light, powdery (natural) surface deposit on leaves or the skin of fruit, e.g., apples, plums, grapes. So, in the growth sequence of Malus (and other species), bloom can be used twice—at least.

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    Even if it is a pear, “malus aforethought” is too good to waste. Your blog is not peer-reviewed by pears, though possibly by peres. If the pears don’t like it, they should “make like a tree and LEAF”.

    Thanks for the punny start to Spring Break!