Parties, plant, Prius


I can’t seem to focus on one thought-stream, so this’ll be a mish-mash.

Today I attended two birthday parties. I don’t think I’ve attended two in one day before. At one, I watched a assortment of well-behaved children play a lot of pocket billiards—which involved considerable focus and only the rare occasion when the ball aimed at actually fell. I really liked watching the little guy who concentrated so very hard although his eyes were below the level of the top of the rails. The other party was a small, cozy family affair (no game room; no tots). Ice cream choices were dubbed green and white (mint choc chip and natural vanilla).

The picture: this is the present form of the mystery plant I identified in May as a jack-in-the-pulpit. I spent a bit more time than usual googling to find a picture of a the plant at this stage, but finally found one. So, yes, this is what a JITP looks like in this phase. Identification confirmed. I also note that I can expect the berries to turn bright red. Waiting.

JCB also brought us perspective on our Prius (supposed to be released by the body shop mid-week), but I’ll save that for its own entry—and photo.

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