Links (physical)


Elected and hopeful officials and local businesses comprised most of the Curtis parade, as near as I could tell. I saw two bands: Newberry High’s marching band (in matching t-shirts), and these folks from downstate….

Here’s a gem of a passage from Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Links, originally published in 1923 (this from a 1959 paperback edition I found stashed on a shelf in the cottage, page 54)….

“You do not play the golf, M. Poirot?” inquired Bex.

“I? Never! What a game!” He became excited. “Figure to yourself, each hole is of a different length. The obstacles, they are not arranged mathematically. Even the greens are frequently up one side! There is only one thing—how do you call them?—tee boxes! They, at least, are symmetrical.”

Take that, Tiger!

In the meantime, it’s breezy and sunny and did I mention breezy? The grass is sufficiently vanquished, the gas tank is refilled, and most of our food has been consumed. Guess what this means about tomorrow?

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Made a fast trip to that southern city yesterday morning. Brunch at the Crow’s Nest on Westnedge.