I love framing

The framing guys crack me up. There’s a singer (which might have annoyed me before I lived in Mexico), a quiet guy (the balance?), and the third guy, who seems quite normal.

This is the view from the framed in dormer looking up at the top of the roof. It doesn’t show how complicated the angles are on the back side, where lots of roof planes meet.

The second most exciting thing about what this photo shows, after the framing, is the tar paper, which means we have a much more durable roof than a flapping tarp provides—especially for summer southern pop-up afternoon rainstorms. The ones yesterday missed us to the north. There’s a cell to the south right now. Next? Who knows?

The Sheetrock™ you see straight ahead is in the interior stairwell (now with zipwalls top and bottom). You’re not supposed to see into the stairwell from here!

After the framers leave, we’ll be praying for sheetrock (well worth the read).

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