Fruiting pulpit


You’ve seen this jack-in-the-pulpit (Arisaema triphyllum) before.

The first picture I posted of it was when it was in bloom. That was mid-May.

By mid-June, it had transitioned to a green fruiting stage.

Now, in (almost) mid-July, as you can see, the fruiting bodies are turning a brilliant red.

I am still mystified that this plant appeared in my untended flower bed in the backyard…. Maybe it’s only there because it’s rather untended?

Shortly after I made the post yesterday bragging about how much roof has been constructed, the heavens opened and the crew got soaked getting the tarp installed. I didn’t blame them one bit for knocking off early, although the rain didn’t last that long….

BTW, judicious water withdrawls and incremental additions from summer storms mean levels of Lake Lanier, Atlanta’s main surface water source, still 15 feet below the normal (or expected? or desired?) summer levels.

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