Flip-flopping, philosophically


Shasta daisy, The Botanist says, which apparently has a nasty odor, but I didn’t notice that….

I’ve been thinking about these vociferous charges of flip-flopping rife in the media, finding them ill-considered, over-simplifying, and unsophisticated. Then, today, on the George [Long Name] show, I heard, of all people, Arnold Schwarzenegger say:

Flip-flopping is getting a bad rap.

He went on to say it’s “wonderful” to change your mind after getting new data or thinking things through again.

Just what I was thinking.

One comment

  1. Kay Wood says:

    I agree. We all change our minds. When we become better informed, we adjust our view on a particular topic or issue. What’s wrong with that?

    I think flip-flopping is being confused with “wishy-washy”.