Refracting light (life)


I had my first digital still camera during the summer of 2002, and I that was when I really began to learn about photography—what little I do know, anyway.

So this picture is from six years ago today, and I believe was the first one I took that looked through the lakewater. I loved how the light and water made the refraction* patterns (if that’s what they are), and still do….

* Okay, I couldn’t help myself; the Wikipedia entry for refraction mentions a special kind of refraction that’s a special kind of a mirage called a fata morgana. No lie. I guess the name refers to the ephemeral nature of the mirage. But this is no fata morgana.

One comment

  1. Pooh says:

    I saw superior and possibly fata morgana refractions one day at the cabin this year. I was looking towards Iroqouis Point and the end of the point looked like it had a mouth in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera with me, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.