A year ago today, I walked along Gitche Gumee‘s south shore to the Au Sable Point Lighthouse. Apparently the road to the lighthouse was not cut through the woods until 1905. Bonus: a picture of the lighthouse complex in 1935.

I guess I’m convinced that I was the victim of misinformation: turns out coffee at normal levels of consumption is not a diuretic.

In other dietary data: the NYTimes says beets (Beta vulgaris) are the new spinach. BTW, chard is botanically a leafy beet or a small-rooted beet (depending on how you look at it), and they’re both in the amaranth/chenopodium family, which has lots of species people have harvested and cultivated, including quinoa, huazontle, and epazote, all of which I find quite tasty….

Hmm, dinner tonight: soup, but maybe without any type of Amaranthaceae….

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