Two new experiences

Here’s the label on the 122×56 inch slab….

One lead to the next….

You see, I got to visit the place where our vanity and tub deck stone will be cut. The bonus was I got to be the opinionated client about how to lay out the pieces.

First, we picked out the stone several weeks ago, when we picked out the bathrooom tile. I think it’s called Cherokee marble, and it’s maybe even from a Georgia quarry, so even though we’re raping the landscape for our interior decorating, we’re being the building trades equivalent of “locavores.”*

Today, I met Dick-our-wonderful-contractor over at the stone place. We checked in and received our special costumes for visiting the floor. (It’s been a long time since I was in a factory….)

The lovely Sonya escorted us deep into the cutting area, where we met Stewart, who did the layout. He’s a genius. The stone has two really cool inclusions, and he helped me get one into the vanity top and one into the tub deck, and fit all the other tub deck pieces into the slab such that they will look just right. I think we’ll get a backsplash for the vanity out of it, too!

I’m just so tickled; the pieces are better than I’d hoped!

So that was the first new experience. And here’s the second. I* made a gallery of pictures from my adventure. Check it out below! (Click on one of the thumbnail pictures and you will see it larger, and then can page through the assortment.)

* Not so with the shingles, for example.

** With help from The Guru. Obviously.

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  1. Thanks! says:

    Great Blog! On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff at Oldcastle Surfaces, we enjoyed working with you as well; and plan to be there for you and your future projects.

    John M. Cheatham
    Oldcastle Surfaces, Inc.