Halloween is liminal


Actually, too much happened today, so here’s a second post….

We had our final inspection, and passed.* Took something like three minutes. I guess he determined that we now had a roof and lacked a tree inside the house. Maybe it was more complicated than that, though….

It’s also my former favorite holiday. Not so much, now, and I’m not totally sure why. Maybe because so many kids are out there for the candy and their costumes are sometimes…absent. Of course, some years we get a couple of very cute, very little kids, very excited and apparently also thinking it’s an odd thing to be sent to the door of a stranger’s house while wearing a non-normal outfit, and being urged to say totally strange things and wait for candy.

Liminal. Welcome to the wider world, kidlets….

* This means we no longer have paperwork posted by our front door. Yippee! Thanks, Dick! BTW, the tree fell 11 May, the permit was issued 27 June, and now, on the eve of November, the house almost fixed—the contractor part; we still need “window treatments,” etc.

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