We all may need help sometime


No connection between text and photo, the latter from this spring, in the UP. By October, the building was almost flat. It held on for a long time with upright walls, maybe ten years after it visibly began to collapse. Or perhaps there is a connection, in the concept of collapse?

Help me. I’m confused.

McCain keeps denigrating the concept of the government redistributing funds, and advocating lower taxes.

And, this very election season, isn’t he running his campaign* with money he asked for from…well, you and I, taxpayers (well, taxpayers who donated to that election fund).

I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds like someone who is using other peoples’ money.**

That is: he’s partaking in redistribution RIGHT NOW. BIG TIME.

How hypocritical….

* Is he a serial “borrower”? I’m not much of a historian, but isn’t this the fellow that married a rich babe, then worked for her dad’s company, then got restless and borrowed her $$ to fund his move into elected office? So says Wikipedia.

** McCain also told Katie Couric that the thing he would be glad to leave behind after the polls*** close is asking for money (aka “redistribution”—right?).

*** Asked the same question, Obama chuckled and said he was tired of packing and not having breakfast with his kids. Interesting how his response was from his private life and McCain’s was from his public life.


  1. Rana says:

    Yes. But consistency has not exactly been a prominent feature of his campaign… 😉

    (Found your blog via a comment on NancyNall.com – a happy discovery!)

  2. Sammy says:

    Welcome Rana&ravens! NN.C is a gem; in contrast, I limp along (and I don’t mean after yesterday’s hike!), blown by the winds of the moment…. BTW, I’m adding YOU to my RSS feed list….