Actually, we haven’t been having rain, but the heavy dew has been satisfying most plants. I found it interesting that the dew on this cobweb was all on the bottom, I guess pulled through the mesh by gravity.


The cool mornings continue, and, despite concerns about introducing allergens, we open the windows and turn on window fans to move that coolness inside. After all, that dew also means there’s more mold and whatnot, especially compared to the dry years we’ve had recently. [BTW, the US drought monitor now shows us as merely “abnormally dry,” which is a huge change. And, while we’re thinking about this, Lake Lanier’s levels are holding, for the most part, considering the season.]

The expanding foam insulation we got upstairs as part of the TreeFix seems to be keeping the house temperate, and, of course, since the walls are better sealed, we have fewer insects getting inside—their vertical highways are now closed….

Lifting my eyes from the horizontal world (I walked in the woods too much as a kid, I fear, so I watch my feet excessively), I almost missed this orangutan watching from a tree. I wonder if the idea to perch him/her here came from a child or an adult….

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