Oomycete*? Say three times fast!


The half-dozen Rutgers tomatoes I planted are on the edge of kicking into production (the ones we’ve picked so far are down to about $2 each, haha), and I think we’ll have plenty if the Baddies don’t get into them. So far so good. The little pear-shaped yellow tomatoes are like tomato candies—just a great treat. The patio tomato looks nice, but is only beginning to set; it must not have liked the replanting process or something.

I’ve been watching for late blight, but so far I think we’re clear (perhaps it’s just a bit too dry for it to flourish). Funny that this is the same “fungus-like oomycete pathogen” as caused the Irish potato famine.

* AKA water mold; they are “a group of filamentous, unicellular heterokonts, physically resembling fungi” and related to diatoms. AND, heterokonts, or stramenopiles, are “chromists with chloroplasts…”—heck, read it yourself.

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