Where’s my horse?


The other day I mentioned that we have a reasonably prolific pear tomato. Yesterday I mused about anthropomophizing in my interior landscape.

These trends continue today…

Perhaps I’m simple, but this sure looks like a golden pear tomato cowboy to me. Jaunty and all.

Like the green hat?

Let’s see, I was going to post a picture of a wood duck, in profile, nicely sunlit, taken down at the park. But.

But the camera or the customized photo transfer software/script captured the pictures and put them, um, nowhere. The Guru is standing by to tweak the problem. When we do the next download.

In the meantime, he’s distracted me by noting this brand new camera from Canon, the PowerShot SX20 IS, which sounds pretty cool. Of course, our current camera is mighty cool; it’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3 we bought earlier this year.

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