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Functional walk today, that is, to accomplish a couple of errands. We found it incredibly foggy, with buildings obscured only three blocks away.

Our circuitous route took us by the Clermont Motor Hotel, a legendary place on Ponce, the main US highway into downtown from the east, built in about 1924. The hotel part (originally apartments) is closing tonight (ordered to by the city because of mold and other health violations), but apparently the basement strip joint (Clermont Lounge) will remain in biz. Still, we caught guys with clipboards of papers posing for photos beneath the marquee, and even a Channel 5 van in the parking lot (covering the story rather than doing some entertainment research).

I took this photo near the odd post office that has no counter service, around the corner from the apartment building where rumor has it Jane Fonda lives (lived?; her daughter lives in ATL). The sky was super grey today, and I guess the pigeons are trying to get a disco nap in before the fireworks keep them up through the dark of the night.

Here’s looking back at the strange year of 2009, with some amazing highs and not-so-high interstices. Not as bad as it could be; I’m smiling!

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