Excitement in progress


Just to report: we mailed our census form yesterday. I figured we don’t have a good record on predicting the future, and although we thought we could be sure what our household’s head count would be on April first, we thought we’d stick to an accurate report rather than a prognostication.


Taxes. Hmm. Real excitement for the coming weekend….

Perhaps I can balance that with a foray to buy some plants and put them out.

And the wee photo? Someone near-and-dear has decided where to matriculate next year, as reflected on new sweatshirt….

Meanwhile, my iPhoto is still “munching” through place- and face-recognition on the thousands of images it contains—and has been all day. So far, it has six pictures it locates in Tibet, including one of a pair of small propane tanks, like for a BBQ grill.

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  1. Ruthette Mills says:

    Daffodillies!! Wow! Such yellow!