Chain food I enjoy


One last carry-over image from our CA trip…. Yes, we managed to duck into an In-N-Out Burger for…um, burgers and fries.

I’m not a typical American burger fan (not a ketchup addict, for example—I leave that to The Guru!), but this place I like! Not sure what part of liking it comes from my access being restricted to every year or two….


  1. pooh says:

    It’s one of Dan’s favorites in CA too, and he doesn’t even eat burgers. We went there the first night we arrived in Valencia, and it was packed, even at 9:30 at night.

  2. kayak woman says:

    I have eaten at an In-N-Out! And it was pretty good, hit the spot anyway. I will also eat burgers at Clyde’s Drive-In at the Sugar Island ferry dock. Used to bring cafeteria trays and wet washcloths along when the kids were young. And the Old Town Barrooooom here on The Planet Ann Arbor.

    The In-N-Out also has a “secret” menu for non burger lovers.

    California girl scheduled to land here in the Great Gray North in a half hour or so.