Red stuff, mainly cranberries


Cranberry sauce a-cooking, in the early stages.

Personally, I’m not a cranberry sauce person. However, I’m happy to make the simple version for those who adore it.

And it can’t be simpler.

Takes maybe 15 minutes, and that’s with picking over the raw berries.


  1. pooh says:

    I make two cranberry sauces neither of which is cooked.
    1. The sauce on the cranberry bag with cranberries, a whole orange (including peel), cut in eighths, and sugar. Combine in a Cuisinart, blender or whatever.
    2. Susan Stanberg’s recipe, a perennial favorite on NPR. The secret ingredient is horseradish!
    I generally make a half recipe of each, so I can use just one bag of cranberries.

  2. kayak woman says:

    I often make two also. My first one is like Pooh’s. The second is whole cranberries boiled with water and sugar. I haven’t tried Susan’s recipe yet. I like cranberry sauce, especially with turkey and in turkey wraps post holiday. But I’m making duck this year.