Grapes sneak by Beetles

Grapes concord still green
Japanese beatle posing with foot out

Somehow, with all the weather craziness, perhaps, the Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) didn’t arrive soon enough to truncate the grape crop along the back fence. The Botanist has three different kinds of grapes trained along the wires, and this is the Concord (dates back to ca. 1850, says WikiPee), so when it gets ripe it will be deep purple.

We have temporarily escaped the bull’s-eye of the heat dome, and both the heat and humidity are now tolerable. In fact, I picked the beans this morning a half-hour later than the last two mornings. The number of beans is steady, however. I also watered the second planting of beans and the green peppers. Yea! for garden produce!

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  1. Maureen Meyers says:

    Hmm, our grapes went from green to brown sour. Hope yours stay good. Last year I made lots of jelly, but this year it’s a bad crop, and I don’t know why. Blueberries not as great either. Too much rain? Too much early heat? Anyway, enjoy your grapes. And beans.