Red shorts are THE thing

Botanist takes down those weeds

Before eight, the Botanist and I tackled the garden. He went directly after the weeds over by the strawberries. I picked the beans (ah, the beans…), and then we worked together to expand the newspaper zone around the tomatoes. He routs the weeds (mainly my job), then puts down 2–3 layers of paper, then stacks the freshly extracted weeds atop the paper to hold it in the wind…so the weeds go from growing to a weighty use (without collecting a single cent). At the end of the season, the weed-husks and the newspapers are incorporated into the soil.

It’s all part of the cycle the Botanist created and maintains….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    My father-in-law used to wear fancy colored shorts, some of them with wild patterns and things. I think he bought his at Woldemort. 😉