Twofer illustrates scale

Power of weeds in winter

This is the power of weeds*; on this day, with temps reaching 51°F, one weed species (unknown to me) managed to bloom amongst the strawberry plants.

I couldn’t decide between the flower close-up (not a good photo) and the landscape (showing sky drama, but not a particularly good photo, either), for reasons that I cannot pin down. Hence, today is twofer day, and scale once again butts into my blog.

Winter sky stratigraphy

Not an hour after I snapped the flower photo, the sky became horizontally bisected; subsequently, the grey reigned and the sun abandoned us.

* Weeds are a concept, more than anything; they are culturally (socially) defined. They are plants, yes, and both species and individual specimens, that tend to grow where people don’t want them. Many people associate weeds with invaders of horticultural/farm plots, fields, and beds. But weeds can also be in your dooryard. So, I wonder if the concept of weeds originated with both sedentism and agriculture? Or just one of the two? Hmmm (meaning unanswerable).

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