Walking notes*

Yellow tom cluster ripening

The ripest in this cluster were my snack upon my return from my way-after-oh-dark-thirty walk this morning. The meteorologist said the humidity was at 90%, but I would have said higher. Scientific measuring devices tend to be less biased, however. (Note the Thai basil off to the right.)

Non-domestic critter activities noted this morning: cat napping in unplanted decorative planter next to the porch of a duplex; squirrel snacking on the welcome mat of an otherwise carefully manicured front garden.

* Apologies for the repeat theme.

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Walked down to the farmer’s market and back (at 0-dark-30 😉 then Plum Market. Temps around 60, not too bad…

    Now to get the box of books to donate out of the house before somebody takes more books *out* of it…