Interior stratigraphy

Sears Roebuck ATL interior view west

I was too tied up and boring today to even walk, let alone create a fresh/fun foto for this space.

Instead, I give you an interior view of the Sears, Roebuck building we toured the other Tuesday.

This is a view to the west, and the windows look north onto Ponce. The floor is original. Workers had to remove six layers* of carpeting, we were told, to reveal similar maple strip flooring on a lower “shopping” level.

The pillars are original and the floor above is poured concrete. Boards were used to hold the wet concrete, then removed, leaving the stripes you see in the ceiling.

To ensure that the dust created by construction doesn’t wreck the now-exposed wood floors, the developer bought a wood-floor zamboni, and the floors are cleaned frequently.

* Can you imagine the amount of trapped yuck in that much carpeting? Ick.

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