Ruby rhubarb

Darkest ruby rhubarb evern

Today was the Fourth of July party of our year. We raided the five rhubarb plants that Dad planted years ago for these skinny stems, which K extended with a few frozen strawberries and fresh (domestic) blueberries—creating what we decided should be called a Patriotic Crumble.

Later, I consulted with D and C about rejuvenating the rhubarb plants. Conclusion—they need more light (cherry tree and shrubs encroach above), less competition (they’re overrun with tall grasses), and more nutrients (I’m to find aged horse, cattle, something manure…). I can see that my autumn has a new chore….

Still, we were so very happy we could make at least a small harvest, and share it!


  1. Pooh says:

    My Uncle Duke used to haul back seagull guano in his canoe to fertilize his rhubarb, which grew and grew. The source is still there on Round Island. My mom used the rhubarb plants to shade the bottom of the clematis plant at our old house. Me, I just buy it at the grocery store, b/c I have no green thumb.

  2. Sherry says:

    Um….hello…alpaca beans?

  3. Sammy says:

    Love it, Sherry (easier in this situation than seagull deposits, which may be a bit surprising??). May I have a raincheck for this fall sometime? TIA!