December miscellany

Maasi warrior mural

We took advantage of the weekend 10% across the board Target discount, a nod to the 40 million card numbers that Target’s computers did not keep safe, but only very lightly. No Barbies—I saw carts with multiple Barbies roaming the aisles. No clothing. Odds and ends like…toilet paper.

On a different stop, we were looking for inexpensive bourbon for…Bourbon Balls! Growing up, Mom orchestrated the baking of dozens of cookies in several styles, along with usually three, kinds of fruitcake, and the unbaked Bourbon Balls. Me, I get to the Bourbon Balls, and rarely farther.

We found this peeling mural of a Maasi warrior on one of our non-Target stops….


  1. Spinner's End Farm says:

    Well that 10% wasn’t widely circulated….not that I want to spend any more Money right now!

  2. kayak woman says:

    Ten-high! (Bourbon balls)