IYLHYBHN (aka land…and sea)

If you lived here, you’d be home now.

Needs work.

House out abandoned
House sod roof
House abandoned

Ready to occupy.

House simple many out
House simple many out 2
House ell out
House long ok
House 2 story
House almost castle

We also took a ferry. Not too much open water….

Ferry land view
Me on ferry

I was expecting the horn to blow at any moment. I’m in the corner because it was rather cool and windy.

The crew loaded those large trucks first. They had to back on, and did it like they’d done it dozens of times before. The crew cinched the trucks down with big chains. No chance they’d shift during passage! For most of the trip, we were serenaded by several car-alarm horns; clearly they had not been calibrated for sea-worthiness….

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