Sea rockiness view

Rainy morning kept us close to the coffee pot, then we mobilized for a “Sunday drive.”

We drove into sunshine and sea-views.

Mcleaod planted

Our route took us to a ca. 1500s church (or it dated to then “originally”), no longer hosting sermons and serious talk. However, several important Jacobite and post-Jacobite MacLeods had themselves planted here…. The black stone of the knight-of-death is from their other home-island, Skye (as I understand it).

Christian burial symbols

Several grave-markers in this church and church-yard used these symbols. I found it most difficult to get past the crossed long-bones (like femurs). Why did they bother me more than the skull-representations? No answer.

Tidal flats

We moved beyond into the land of MaNature, and these tidal flat areas (if that is what they were), along with the shallows tinted by waterborn golden sands, captured my eye.

Crashing surf

Another bay or so up the road, we found crashing surf and glorious blue waters near-shore….

Sunsetish mussel farm

Later, back at our ranchito-of-the-moment, we watched the light change over the mussel-ranchito-of-the-loch…and the moon rise above (not shown).

Lovely day!

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