Beach/cliff-top/old-field walk

Sand in motion CU

We parked near a sand-beach, between black rocks…basalt, we decided.

Butt of lewis crashing surf

The surf crashed and boomed on the rocks, and sprawled up the sand. We walked up on the grassy peat-covered…cliffs, I guess you could call them. We stayed away from the edge where we could not tell how supported the green-top was by rocks….

Sheep witnesses

Most of the sheep ignored us, but these were stare-ers. A moment before this, all their attention was on us….

Seagulls n flowers

We had set out to walk to the lighthouse (not shown), but bagged our walk after the second rain-storm (one lasting maybe 10 minutes, and one that pushed 20), and returned to the car. Then, we tried to drive to the lighthouse, which we were under the impression could only be accessed on foot…and presto, we could drive right up to it!

The gulls nested on this craggy rock amongst clusters of flowers that may be this kind….

Short flowers

If you look among and around the flowers, you may find an easy-to-spot snail shell, and less easy-to-spot sheep-berries…. No points for gravel-rocks (probably granite).

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