Quotidian and novel

Tahquamenon swamp backwater

The overt reason for our car/woods-jaunt was to pick up our mis-delivered rugs (back porch is coming UP in the world!). Vendor’s screwup, and John negotiated refund of shipping costs, and we’re fine with the outcome. And the new look!

We ended up hither and yon along one section of the Tahquamenon swamp, then touring Laketon, a ghost town (takes only a minute). We even crossed the river on a wood-decked span I’m sure would have been labeled “WEAK BRIDGE” in the Brit Isles.

Fur bearer

Found this wee fur-bearer at Eagle’s Nest/Eagle Nest. Naming doesn’t match. I know s/he is NOT an eagle. We’re thinking weasel relative…?

Our critter count also included gulls (of course), LBBs*, a doe and pair of fawns, and a 4-point buck (running FAST).

All that plus new rugs, yes!

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