Touring southbound

Youthful pickle cuke

Seems like the common theme today was rain cells. We went through three different storm fronts, with varying degrees of raininess and storminess.

In one case, we got little of the storminess as we were following the orange/red zone…and everywhere in the fading drippiness we saw leaves and sticks and branches and trees. And hillsides with temporary waterfalls, ditches full of running beige water, and water crossing the road a few places.

We were lucky that that our route just happened to avoid the worst.

We began our day with a little garden tour from MzCarol (including teensy pickle-dukes). She also gave us several dozen fresh, healthy, handmade Carol-love-muffins. Mmm. If you’re nice, we’ll share!

UM Alumni show

Next, we dropped in on the UM alumni art show, to see a SeeingMind piece…which was hung behind the square history-painting past the title-cube-column. Sorry, additional photos are on a different camera, and its cables are in the car across a rainy parking lot…. (Say: lazy?)

Fostoria tracks crossing

Drifting farther south, we stopped in Fostoria, just ahead of another line of rain-cells. This welder was fixing something at the track-crossing. He had a watch-buddy, who actively looked for trains, first this way, then that…with a hand held up to protect his eyes from the welding-brilliance.

Now, we’re taking refuge in an historic hotel, and see that there’s another (different) line of storms over ATL…I work at not becoming panicky.

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