Onward, even at home

Coffee muffins in room

This was after I made the coffee, and before we woofed down the delicious Carol-muffins.

Yesterday we had a choice to make: one or two days. Of travel to ATL, that is.

I think we were leaning ever so slightly toward a push of making it a one-day, long-and-into-the-night run. However, the weather and a couple of minor traffic snafus, plus some simple curiosity meant we were not making fast time. But we were having fine, albeit short-term, “local” adventures.

The Guru found us an historic overnight. At a real hotel. As in, the room charge doesn’t include more than coffee. In the room and in the lobby. Other foods, they charge more for.

However, we had a double-load of Carol-love-muffins, which, with the hotel coffee offering made a slamming good breakfast. Youall should be so lucky!

We spent the day in relatively slow-drive mode, mostly avoiding big ol’ I75, taking little side roads, which slowed us less than you think, because our route was shorter/straighter. (Side result: gas mileage improved throughout the day!)

Actual homecoming relatively uneventful, except that you must realize that the best way to clean accumulated weird things from your freezer is not to leave the freezer-drawer-door cracked open while you’re off on vacation, so that everything “down there” melts a wee bit too much for way too long. Yuck. But cleaned up now.


  1. kayak woman says:

    I’m getting better at leaving the freezer mostly empty when we’re gone for more than a few days. That was a good thing last summer. I didn’t leave the door cracked (although it’s easy to do) but there was a power outage long enough to melt the few ice cubes in the bin.

  2. James says:

    Oooooohh. Sorry I didn’t notice that.