Explorations, incl Bronx River

Bryant park fountain

I do love fountains. And HDR means they can look stupendous in digital images. This one’s in Bryant Park.

On north, way beyond Yankee Stadium and the Harlem River…the longest subway ride I’ve ever taken (below ground, not just urban train)…to the New York Botanical Garden…some 250-ac of plants—trees, flowers, grass, even a few stray weeds on land straddling the Bronx River.

Botanical garden conservatory

And, indoors, a Frida Kahlo exhibition (no photos allowed of her displayed works), emphasizing the natural world, especially plants, in her paintings. With examples of the plants highlighted in the conservatory.


  1. kayak woman says:

    In an episode of “KW Gets Some Culture”, took in a Kahlo/Rivera exhibit at the DI a while back (also no photos).

  2. jay says:

    In case you are down in the financial district again.
    Broad & Stone is where Ashlan hangs out at her Potbelly Sandwich store.