Foot-touring, continued

Lobby points of light

Lobby light show: Museum of the City of New York. (Yes, a mouthful, that name.) Liked that the space was just topical exhibitions, no dutiful historical summary gallery, growing increasing stale over time.

Central park terrace view

Then, we walked south through Central Park, past hissing sprinklers, many joggers, strollers (people and contraptions), and dog-walkers.

Colbert marquee

After that, major excitement that began with a lot of waiting, standing-waiting, one foot followed by the other. Then, we got to showtime! And our seats….

Stephen, tada! With guests Gina Rodriguez (of Jane the Virgin, new season starting next week), Ben Bernanke (new book, his memoir of the recent financial crisis), and musical group Tame Impala.

Algonquin menus

Nightcap at the Algonquin, where the round table was sadly empty, and the Manhattans were stupendous.

Please note that while most of the day is afoot, we also enjoy the subway.

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