Leetle walk

Mariners statue

We took the train to the south end of Manhattan, at Battery Park. This statue honors Merchant Mariners. That’s Lady Liberty off on the left edge of the horizon.

Sphere batterypark

The guys trying to save their comrade now face The Sphere, a 1971 Fritz Koenig piece that stood between the two centers of the World Trade Center, and was damaged by the debris that fell on 9/11.

Yeah, today was the day for outdoor sculptures, as we walked from the Staten Island Ferry terminal at Battery Park up all the way to Grand Central Terminal. Not directly…so many, many steps (devices differ on the count, but all indicate something like 20K).

Wall st bull

We found crowds of Asian tourists and a few others at the Charging Bull (Arturo Di Modica, 1989). They posed next to the head, often holding a horn, and grinned for their photographer-friends. The other end of the statue they also photographed, but from a distance and without touching the bronze surface or posing next to it. Interesting.

Flatiron bldg

Buildings are also sculpture, right? Daniel Burnham’s Flatiron Building was completed in 1902. I suspect the interior space is difficult to use, especially those nose-rooms. From the ground—compelling.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Steps? Will have to try a Fitbit again. Got one for xmas a few years ago but never got started with it, then lost it. The Flatiron pic also has me curious about its interior.

  2. Mary Jo says:

    WTH (what the heck) you’re in New York now? You really get around!