What’s next?

Teensy dishwasher

This is the smallest dishwasher I remember seeing (largest interior dimension maybe 1ft). We did not use it.


I learned another new French word: Bronzage. It does not mean Bronze Age, but bronzed/bronzing, as in changing the color of your skin (as in tanning place).

Paris gambling

We took the bus and not the train to the airport, which we had not done before. Thus, we saw neighborhoods we’d only tunneled beneath before. Gambling anyone?

Paris air view

We had a pretty darned good view of Paris as we climbed away from the earth. That’s the Eiffel Tower “above” and back from the oblique white “doughnut” stadium in the right half of the photo. You can see the Seine next to it….

Inflight goodies

Wonder of wonders, the flight was not full (not at all), and the flight attendants were a bit giddy (or maybe not), offering two bottles of bourbon when I asked for liquor. Why not?

We are home safely and all is well. What’s next, you may ask…laundry, I’d say, being prosaic…but not until tomorrow….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Not knowing a lick of French, I’m imagining a faux French pronunciation of bronzage (not sure that makes any sense).