Flag day!

Iris showing off

Ooops, not. Maybe it’s just an iris, and it IS Mother’s Day.

Cauliflower gone wild

So, I was doing some simple cooking. And the cauliflower was purple. White at the base and purple at the…flower part. Nice contrast with the capers, no?

Thai curry no basil

And, speaking of colorful, Thai curry à la Sammy and (Trader) Joe. With no fresh basil. And because of the recall, these are Danish peas. Of all things—Danish. Not merely organic….

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  1. kayak woman says:

    I like the idea of Iris Day but at least my kids didn’t throw salad at each other. I’m looking forward to pea-shelling season but until then, I have discovered I can get frozen peas at the farmers market and the Argus Farm Stop.