Busy, busy

Apple no blossoms

The apples are showing the inexorable march of time…the petals are almost entirely gone (bits of withered brown tissue remains), and the apples are just beginning to form.

Garden mound

We cheated and purchased some sets yesterday, and put them out today. Just planting is easy. The prepping can be considerable. Today it was. We had to remove all the weeds from the Botanist’s garden mound, and otherwise make it habitable. The plants are a patio cherry tomato, a plum tomato, and two pots of multiple plants of Genovese basil. We got the plants in and watered them in a bit. Then we added the squirrel cage (to keep them plus rabbits, deer, chipmunks, skunks…OUT) and another screen overlay to protect the second tomato and give it a larger space to grow.

Just as we were gathering the tools to go in, it began to lightly sprinkle. Just in time, we said, like we’re weather sages, hah!


Soon after we ate, while the Guru was slogging through kitchen-cleanup, the lights flickered once, then stayed off. Still some daylight outside, despite the now-rain overcast. We figure it was about 7:45P.

Maybe a quarter hour later, we decided we should call the electric company, and had to punch through to the “report a power outage” option, and finally get to a recorded message, which indicated an outage in our general area by mailing address. Hmmm.

So, we decided to take a drive, and see if…well, just be a bit nosy. We made a half-hour loop, including through McMillan (where we found the old county garage with an elegant sign), and never found houses with the lights on. Lots of people have security lights over their driveways, and zippo, no light. That made it easy to gauge.

Lights n drinks

Our theory by the time we returned to our place was that a good-sized area had lost power…. Another call the the Electric Co after 10P, and a new recording indicated that the outage area was north of “our” lake and south of “the” swamp, plus to the west. That’s a lot of customers.

There was a flicker of on maybe around 9:45P, but no sustained on. So, we lit tea lights and made us each a drink. Great plan!

I COULD have posted on time—that is, on the day of, avoiding a “10:22P” post, by using battery power, but wondering when the electricity would come back was distracting. So, a delayed post, marked as usual by the “10:22P” time-stamp.

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