Cabin upgrade

Porch fan fanning

#TheGuru transformed himself into #HomeHandiman and installed this ceiling fan on the front porch (that is, the part of the house with windows and facing the lake). I added the low hanging pull-chain. See, I was helpful!

Barberry raindrops

Of course, this was a day that was cool—meaning the heat wasn’t pocketing fiercely under the porch-eaves, making installation easier—and the need for air-movement reduced. Quirk of fate.

It was not only cooler, but we had two modest sessions of rain. This one included enough wind that moisture came in the open panels (too late closing them) and pooled beneath the west windows. Another homeowner problem to be solved? Or just towel and go….


  1. kayak woman says:

    That’s about how useful I am on home improvement projects.

  2. Cousin M says:

    Love the fan, change is good!