Moon notes

Mini pine trees

The moon is big tonight (but not full), and my day was full(!!) of many things, some delightful, some housekeeping, plenty of laughter and fun, too.

As a kid, I called these plants, lost in a stand of orchard grasses, “tiny pine trees” to myself. I knew they weren’t pines, but don’t they resemble them?

I do not know what they “really” are, and I’m not looking them up now….

Raspberries n ice cream

These are raspberries, mmmmm, kindly picked this morning and delivered to us as a hostess gift by our evening-guests. The berries made an outstanding dessert with this fine (commercial, boughten) vanilla ice cream (with almost no crap added). Add a ration of PAMA, and we are all smiling, happy not-campers.

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