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Truck parking

Semis are constant companions to personal vehicles traveling interstate highways. They require large parking areas, and those that don’t require backing are preferred, although drivers I have noticed are adept at backing their big rigs.

Route66 etc

We’ve also been accompanied lately by an overage of Route 66 mentions. This tableau takes the cake, I think. Also, the cafes and restaurants in this town all bragged on their “buffalo” burgers. [Bet they were made with bison meat….]

Rear view mtns

As we pulled away from under the rain clouds I enjoyed watching these mountains recede in the rear-view. Snow-capped! Probably the snow was augmented last night, although at the elevation we traveled, the precip was rain. Whew!

Train golden light

We had very high-quality low-angle sun. This train looked far better than it normally does, I’m sure.

Bridge stack

Whatta stack of bridges! [Reminds me of redwoods…plus air.]

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