Justified bridge

Hollywood goes out of town for some shoots. “Justified” used this bridge many times during its five years.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood’s younger self…

Halfway House w dirty new car

…came through here. No word on whether he spoke to any of the chairs.

Vazquez Rocks me scale

William Shatner (and many others) spent time on/in front of the formations in the Vazquez Rocks park. [Note me for scale.]

PCT gate

Ian/Spark walked by here on the PCT, crossing by the gate of the same park.

California canal

Several times we crossed the California Aqueduct. It carries water south from the Sierra Nevadas (snowy highlands) to SoCal, usually in an open canal. Ladders scale the sides every 1000ft, signs say; it’s wiser to never get into the water, however (duh!).

Standing water desert

Speaking of water, we drove east all day toward an east-bound rain system. During this part of the day, we were behind it by several hours, and the desert had standing water—very unexpected to find the dryness ameliorated.

Cloud driving

Eventually, we did drive into clouds, and the rain. It never came down hard, but for a bit we couldn’t see far. The radar sensors on the New Car gave us an extra measure of safety.

Take Rest

One more bit of technology…after several hours of driving, the vehicle presents a schematic of a steaming cup of coffee, and kindly enquires (in a rather Japanese way) “Would you like to Take Rest?” [BTW, the blue shading behind the MPH figure turns to red when Ludicrous (boosted speediness) mode is engaged…not that you’d forget!]

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