Foggy miles

Arkansas fog

We pushed east in fog, as we had through most of Oklahoma last night. It stayed with us for a long time, then switched to gloomy overcast. We kept at our chosen task: east-bounding.

Mighty Miss crossing

Even the Mississippi Bridge seemed dreary. I saw only one set of barges, and they were parked along the shore. Perhaps even the locks were not operating in honor of the holiday?

In a sense, the fog switched from being outside to being in our brains. Yesterday we drove 810mi; today was in the high 700s. That will certainly fog you!

Big number odometer

We arrived home on this round number. We had only one charge since leaving SEA (became 16 road miles, lower than the predicted 25mi because of conditions), and this reflects gas mileage since SEA of 48.1mpg. We didn’t baby the vehicle (exercise elements of hypermiling)—we drove fast and the temps also were cold enough to bring down the mileage. Still, a real-world test of the gasoline/regenerative system—equivalent to the old Prius, which I estimate would have gotten 8–10mpg lower in the same conditions. We knew this vehicle is supposed to have higher mpg, and clearly it does….

We figure that today our vehicle is one of the highest miles-operated privately owned Primes in the USA.

We predict a stint of around-town, electric miles ahead!

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