Please stand by

Box top photo

Apologies, Gentle Reader, for going on about our new Prius Prime over the last few days. We feel that the new safety technologies are a big win, and the sporty handling (etc.) make it a fun buggy. [We are enamored; if you spend that much dinero, that seems a good thing—jes-sayin’.]

HOWEVER, we are embarking on other technology in our immediate personal consumer zone. This item has been charging and further study is needed of the operator’s manual before actual usage will be embarked upon. [Feel free to be overwhelmed by passive voice en este momento.]

I know you’re super-excited (#sarcasm aka #sarcasmo) as you await further details. Me, I’m yawning, so…tomorrow…. And, yes, this photo is a cheat—from the (very Apple-style) packaging.

No explanation on why Spanish phrases are on my fingertips right at the moment….

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