Sea to inland

Beach pier grackle

We made it out to the beach for a bit of a stroll. Almost no beachcombers, and few birds….

Closed pier

The last hurricane damaged the pier, and apparently also most of the walkways across the dunes to the beaches. Visitors just walk through the dunes (the walkways were to protect the dunes, so total failure with that maneuver), but this barrier is more robust. We could see that the end of the pier was missing…yup, dangerous out there.

Giant cotton bales

I don’t remember seeing these huge round cotton bales before. Round hay and straw bales, yes. I think these are larger—and far larger than the old hand-picked bales, too!

Ice glitter

We found ice still glittering in Atlanta’s trees where it remained protected from Mr. Sun. We found a dusting of snow remaining in our yard, to be sustained overnight with the below-freezing temps predicted for us.

I remembered another pork item from yesterday’s breakfast buffet, bringing the total to nine, seven of meat, and two dishes with some meat added….

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