Apple compost

The morning mundane…creating compost. Really, the important output was crumble/betty/strudel/a gift.

Our kids deserve better

Then, we attended a simple downtown protest…and learned via megaphone announcement that BDeVos got confirmed (took the Veep to make that happen). Bets on how long Bets lasts? [I don’t wanna preach! Hey, is that a LadyGaga line?]

Cop free pizza

Loved this.

The Powers-that-Be sent a seriously uniformed cop to stand watch over the sidewalk (first time it’s been more than building security) and make sure protestors didn’t encroach on the space that passers-by needed. The guy wasn’t terribly worried, I thought, as I watched him munch through his take-out lunch with his focus on the food and not on the crowd. [Left to right: building security guy (it’s okay to use the bathroom inside, but you have to leave your sign outside)—left; weight-lifter cop in full uniform (yes, I’ll have a piece of your free pizza, thanks!); and Pizza Guy (from across the street with a platter of hot BBQ chicken pizza freebies).] First customer was the cop…. Many of the protestors declined politely.

VNice of the pizza restaurant manager to trek over with the food donation…meanwhile many drivers honked (this is P-Tree street! Traffic reigns!) and it was a grand old time chanting (hey-hey…ho-ho…swamp_cabinet_has_got_to_go) and so on.

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