Made with…

Choc n cocoa premium

All kinds of good vibes here—starting w/chocolate. Mmmmm. And cocoa. Ghirardelli. Premium. Sweet.

I’m rolling in good vibe-energy.

And I am the skeptical scientist. So, I rotate the container to read the ingredients list. Number two is high fructose corn syrup. [A phrase that somehow manages to avoid commas.]

Sooooo disappointed. Glad I just had a salad and fries. No chocolate dessert. With a “heaping helping” of HFCS. Ick.

Greenspace hardscape

Meanwhile, outside…hardscaping with gentle pretentions. A blend of angular and curvy. But somehow sterile even before the dust settles.

Maybe additionally sterile because the clouds were almost misting.

Situationally uninspiring. Eh.

Phrase I just heard that I need to ponder in terms of collective action: “useful idiots.” I do not want to live in a world where the leadership is predominantly them-folks. Big sigh.

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