Harvest! (Yes, I cheated.)

Cin basil snipped

Yesterday, we played hooky and watched a matinee presentation of “Hidden Figures.”

Today is a different story. Today was back-up day. Devices all over the domicile got extra backups, including fresh encrypted backups for the phones.

In addition, I made the first harvest of 2017. I admit that the nursery did the growing, but we bought the plants, took them home, planted them (two days ago), and set them up for the coming season of nurturing. They needed pruning to bring out the best in them later in the harvest months, so I did what had to be done.

This is cinnamon basil, which we bought as a substitute for Thai basil. I can say it’s not the same, but more like Thai basil than Genovese basil, which is the kind we customarily use for pesto and typical Italian dishes.

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