“Windswept tree…”

Ferns abbey cathedral

Foreground: ruins of medieval (13th C?) cathedral at Ferns. Five window arches survive on one side, and one on the other. Rear: current mostly 19th-C church.

Winsome trio

Wexford winsome trio.

Painted faux highcross

Dublin schoolgirls learning about high crosses at heritage park (HP). “Monk” guide did a great job.

Jcb waterbirds

The Guru captured a heron and friend in the crannog’s lake at the HP.

Windswept tree

Stenciled quote (lines skipped) from Hávamál on wall at HP.

Emo petrol

Emo petrol? Killeens swirls?

Tintern Minor abbey church

Tintern Abbey; that is: Tintern Minor abbey. Much modified, but most of “the bones” of what we see is probably 16th C. Used as a residence until 1959.

Hay baling

Today was busy-farm-equipment day, including many tractor-rigs on the road. Two days ago, it was paint-your-front-fence day—we saw three being painted and one being pressure-washed‚ none before or since.

No junk mail

I want this label!

Drone view

The Guru made Droney fly for the third time here.

9pm light

Given that the iPhone darkens a shot like this, you must compensate. I could easily read a book in the ambient light, although it seems darker in this version. This was at 9:02pm. And it’s light out very early, too.

Good night, all.


  1. kayak woman says:

    Loving the photos and descriptions (I especially like the heron in today’s).

    Reaching across the pond from my humble existence where I am currently up to my ears and over-flowing with BAI codes, billing defects, visio diagrams and people who speak varying languages across multiple continua (okay, “continuums” got flagged, my bad. Mrs. Velde, where are you when I need you? 😉

  2. Sammy says:

    JCB had the long-lens camera, so it’s his heron…busy fishing, but also keeping an eye on the tour-ons.

    Thinking of you from here…. Rain is coming.