Final leg

Heathrow Term 3 ladies

One of the larger women’s rooms I’ve been in—and still there was a line! The row of doors is so long it’s impossible to tell if a stall is occupied without walking down to check…and there was a staff-member doing just that…. [Heathrow Terminal 3, the main toilets.]

Inflight map

And, we’re off! [Why include shipwrecks on these flight maps?]

Many shaped

Remarkable Bakery’s “Many-Shaped Miscellaney of Biscuits for Cheese”—yup, all different, all three of them. [I thought the crackers better than the cheese.]

GA gold dome

Lookee there! The gold dome! One more bus ride and…a short walk…and home!

Lovely trip!

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  1. kayak woman says:

    Welcome back!